Scavenolarship 2019 Results
May 9, 2019

Grade twelve students from across the Delta Co-op trading area participated in a photo/video scavenger hunt in hopes of completing enough tasks to earn them scholarship money. This event is called the 'Delta Co-op Scavenolarship' First place will receive $2000 and second place will receive $800.  Fourteen teams of two participated in this years' race which took place May 4-8, 2019.  The final standing are as follows:

  1. Jeff n' Gare  Luseland: 158,850 pts
  2. Blonde Ambition  Unity: 153,850 pts
  3. Feisty Females  Macklin: 145,800 pts
  4. Hydra Hunters  Wilkie: 96,700 pts
  5. Iced T & Lemonoah  Wilkie: 96,600 pts
  6. The Hot Shots  Macklin: 89,800 pts
  7. The Crusty Crusaders  Wilkie: 87,950 pts
  8. The Nervy Nurses  Unity: 84,850 pts
  9. Team Lakeland  Unity: 52,200 pts
  10. The Dream Team  Macklin: 50,150 pts
  11. Shake n' Bake  Wilkie: 42,100 pts
  12. Dynamic Duo  Unity: 38,650 pts
  13. The Goats  Macklin: 6700 pts
  14. Dynamite  Wilkie: 5200 pts

Prize money will be awarded at the winning teams' grad ceremonies.  We want to thank all the teams for their participation, the amount of effort that was put into the tasks this year was outstanding and you should all be very proud of your efforts.